See how you can help Nano with this short quiz!

TLDR: HelpNano is a tool to find how you can most effectively increase the strength of the Nano network.

If you own any amount of Nano, it’s reasonable to assume you have an incentive to maintain or possibly improve the health of the Nano network (within reason; everyone’s means and level of motivation is different). With that in mind, this questionnaire is designed to help you find what you can do to help the Nano network with the greatest effect. This is done with a short series of questions about the status of your account, representatives, and optionally your skill-sets. HelpNano gives you a targeted call-to-action, reasoning behind why this action most effectively helps Nano, and links to information regarding the importance of your action.

With enough Nano users aware and using this tool, we can help to decentralize and further secure the network. So please, after you’ve helped Nano, please show others how they can also do their part.

Together we can all help Nano