Finding a New Representative

If your representative is offline frequently, is an exchange, or is an official representative, the best thing you can do to help Nano is to change to another representative.

How to find a representative:

Here’s a step-by-step guide to checking and changing your representative

  • List of things to consider when selecting a representative:
    • Uptime – a measure of how often the representative is active
    • Voting Weight – the amount of voting weight the representative has, generally measured as a percentage of the total voting weight.
    • Identity – who owns and maintains the representative, if publicly available
    • Number of days since creation – How old the representative is
    • NinjaScore – a proprietary metric MyNano.Ninja uses to score and rank representatives, using uptime, voting weight, and number of days since creation.

Why is trusting my representative important?

It’s important to know and trust that your representative has the best intentions. Your representative cannot access your funds, but it votes with your delegated weight on blocks on the network. When a majority of the online representatives vote in favor of a block, in terms of voting weight, the block will get confirmed. Thus, it’s very important that a malicious actor don’t control a majority of the votes. For Nano to be stronger, we need to continually examine our representatives and change to a new one if users decide to.

What about being ‘trustless’?

This is somewhat of a misnomer within the digital currency space, as decentralization doesn’t remove trust, just distributes it among the network’s representatives. We can make our network more decentralized, and therefore wont have to trust a single, or a couple, of entities.

Perhaps a more accurate way to describe blockchains is not as “trustless,” but as built on the basis of distributed trust:We are trusting everyone in aggregate.

Preethi KasireddyELI5: What do we mean by “blockchains are trustless”?

For further reading on the myth of trustlessness within digital currencies, see here and here.

After you’ve changed to a reliable and trustworthy representative, would you like to keep exploring ways to help Nano?