How to Check and Change your Nano Representative

To check your representative or find a new one, simply head to MyNano.Ninja and enter your address, like this:

After you’ve entered your Nano address and clicked “Search”, MyNano.Ninja will show you the status of your account as the network sees it, and the site can also display information regarding the status of your representative. To see the status of your rep, simply click the link for your representative, like you see below:

After clicking the link for your current representative, you can check the status including uptime, current voting weight, and Ninja Score. These metrics along with the information displayed for the representative can be used to judge and decide whether switching to a new representative is a good decision. You can see the rep status page for @nanocenter below:

Note: Only representatives with at least 0.1% of the total voting supply qualify to be rebroadcasting representatives.

This information allows every Nano user to understand exactly who their representative is, and can change to a new representative if they see fit.

Finding and Changing to a New Representative

Finding a new representative is simple with the help of MyNano.Ninja. Simply navigate back to MyNano.Ninja’s homepage and scroll to find a decent representative:

Once you’ve decided on one, simply copy the representative’s address to your wallet where it allows you to change your representative. If your wallet doesn’t allow for changing representatives, consider a new wallet.

Example: This node has a high Ninja Score and uptime, but doesn’t yet have enough voting weight to rebroadcast. Choosing this as your representative over one with more than 1% of voting weight would help to further decentralize Nano.

Depending on what wallet you use, this video can show you how to change your representative easily: