Question 1

Is your representative one of the Big Three?

The “Big Three” in Nano are the three biggest representatives by voting weight. Currently, Nano’s Big Three are:

  1. Binance Representative xrb_3jwrszth46rk1mu7rmb4rhm54us8yg1gw3ipodftqtikf5yqdyr7471nsg1k
  2. Nano Wallet Representative xrb_3pczxuorp48td8645bs3m6c3xotxd3idskrenmi65rbrga5zmkemzhwkaznh
  3. Nano Vault Representative xrb_3rw4un6ys57hrb39sy1qx8qy5wukst1iiponztrz9qiz6qqa55kxzx4491or

If you’re not sure if your representative is one of the Big Three, head to MyNano.Ninja and enter your Nano address to learn more about your rep. When you’re done make sure to continue here!